A course in Aurveda specifically designed for Schools, Studios and/or Wellness Centers.

A course in Ayurveda specifically designed for Schools, Studios and/or Wellness Centers.

Ayurveda is at once a very simple and complex science, made all the more interesting and profound due to its spiritual aspect. It is this spiritual aspect that keeps Ayurveda alive – as Dr. Lad has said many times, “take the spirituality out of Ayurveda and you have a dead science”.

This course is a 50-hour, IAYT-compliant course, specially designed for the student of yoga therapy, yoga, or the student who is interested in an experiential introduction to the practices and theories of Ayurveda as a stand-alone course.  It is also perfect as part of a 200, 300, or 500-hour yoga teacher training program.

As with yoga, the best way to learn Ayurveda is to bring the teachings of Ayurveda into your life.  This course gives amply time to participate in and experiment with the lifestyle and nutritional theories of Ayurveda.  For this reason, I prefer the course to span over a 10–12-week period.  However, if this is not compatible with your school, studio or center, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss presenting the same material in fewer hours.

If your studio or center specializes in a specific imbalance, I am happy to integrate into this course how Ayurveda may be applied to that specialty, be it cancer, heart conditions, trauma, or anatomical imbalances. 

I am very excited about this course and look forward to connecting with you so that we may design the best course for you and your students.

In Service,

Om Shanti
Abby Abhaya

Course schedule:

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, August – October, 2022.  Exact dates to be announced shortly

Thank you!